Your meetings, training sessions and planning days just got a whole lot better with our Whiteboard Wall. 

Included in your HQ booking, the 10sqm interactive surface allows you and your team to brainstorm, write and draw to your heart’s content! Clients often enjoy using the wall as it inspires collaboration, creativity and most importantly, it makes work so much more fun.

You can also use this to:

  • Project presentations, videos or visual media
  • Plan your agenda and goals for the day
  • Draw large, never-ending mind maps
  • Get everyone’s ideas and creative juices flowing 


  • Don’t have a projector to project your presentations? No sweat. We have a great projector which you can hire during your Bright HQ booking
  • We also have a range of whiteboard pens ready for you – don’t feel like you need to buy a set! 
  • If flip charts and posters are more your thing, you can pin it onto the whiteboard wall, but plese only use blu-tack and provide your own resources for this