Using email marketing to help run your events

These days email marketing is a key tool for marketers and event planners alike. However, when it comes to event planning and management, it is often a considerably under utilised tool.

In this tip, Matthew Johnson, EDM Specialist at Vision6 talks about his key ideas on how an event manager can make the most of email marketing.

Matthew has worked in the email marketing industry for over six years. His work helps to educate marketers and business owners on how to create, connect and convert using the power of e-messaging. You can read more of Matthew’s email marketing tips, tricks and insights on the Vision6 blog.

Q1) Why is email marketing such a great tool for event promotion? 

In a nutshell, email marketing allows event organisers to do more for less with their budget and time. It’s a very cost effective and affordable way to deliver appealing, timely messages to people. Emails can be tracked, allowing organisers to identify if their promotional efforts are working or not and their immediacy enables organisers to respond to event changes on the fly.

Q2) What are the biggest email marketing traps an event organiser should look to avoid?

The most common email marketing mistake we see with event organisers is failing to deliver personal, relevant messages to people. Instead we too often see a batch and blast mentality. For example, people living in Brisbane being sent an email invite to a local event in Perth. Or people already registered for an event being sent a “registration reminder” email after the fact.

Q3) What are your top 3 tips to maximise an email marketing campaigns success (for event promotion)?

Segment your databases so that you target promotional emails to people based on their specific information. Examples of segments you could use are interests, location and previous event attendance. 

Make it easy for people to share your promotional emails by including “share with your network” and “send to friend” links. These allow you to extend the reach of your emails, by enabling other people to promote your event via other channels like social media.

Include both text and image options within your email for people to register to your event. Whilst most people are naturally attracted to clicking on images in emails, not all people will be viewing your email with the images displayed. Providing both options in your email makes it easy for anyone to register.

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