Top tips for creating an awesome event email

Don’t let Facebook fool you, email marketing is not dead, in fact it’s never been more e-live! As marketers, we often look through the data to inform us on how to create our next email. From open to click-through rates and conversions, all this is important, but when it comes to events we must stick to a strict deadline and look at the qualitative data too. This means our emails have to be even better when it comes to its intent, purpose and design. So what are some efficient and trendy ways to achieve this?

Conceptualise and map it all out first. 

What is this email for? What is my key message? Who am I talking to?

These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself before opening Vision6, MailChimp or any other eMarketing software. As you have to stick to a specific timeline for an event marketing campaign, you have a set amount of emails to get your message across to your audience. From an email launching the event to early bird ticket prices and emails dedicated to highlighting the program and its speakers, you need to identify the purpose of each email and then map this out in a realistic timeline.

Bright Tip: Your audience aren’t stupid. They can see a direct sales pitch from the subject line alone! To stand out with your email you have to break from data to experiences. What this means is injecting a bit of your brand personality into each email and hitting certain pain points of your reader – Why do they need to come to your event and how can you leverage this?

Create content that is simple and relevant.

Keep things simple. Most of the time your subscribers and consumers don’t have the time to read your email or even decipher what it is you’re trying to communicate. Thus, making sure you create content that is clear, concise and creative (#ThreeCs) will strengthen your brand and create a positive relationship with your customer. What does this mean? It means they won’t want to break up with you! (#unsubscribe).

Bright Tip: If you have a few things you’d like to promote but have an urgency to send out a particular message or promotion, why not try a dedicated email for that particular message. Limiting consumer decisions will make it easier for your reader to digest the information or promotion, increasing the chances for a conversion (ticket sales) to be made!

Design for the time

Let’s get things straight – if you’re using Times New Roman as a font for your email marketing you might as well find a new job outside of marketing! Crafting beautiful emails takes time, trial and a little bit of tribulation (#ThreeTs). Why? You need to ensure you have the perfect image or visuals to complement your text, buttons that are responsive, landing pages that are slick and ensure your email is user-friendly. And by friendly we mean that it ‘gets along’ with consumer devices such as iPhones, iPads, androids etc.

Bright Tip: Save being in iPain by creating an email suitable for all devices and then cloning this template for your next series of emails. Make sure your event details are legible and your buttons and landing pages work before sending!

Do you have other tips when it comes to event emails? Leave them on the comment section below.