The ideal post-event game plan

Before (after) you pop numerous champagne bottles and celebrate another successful conference with the team, there are a few things you can do in order to stay on top of your game. As new events and competition emerge, it’s not just about what you do before or during the event that ensures its success – you need a kick-ass post-event game plan. But what does this involve?

Let’s start with feedback.

Although we’d personally like to think our event was a real hit, there is no true way of measuring its successes without hearing attendee feedback. Whether you hand out a quick paper survey with three to four questions or send out an email (ensure you know your attendees most responsive platform first), this will enable you to capture the general thoughts on the day.

Bright Tip: Reading through the feedback may feel like going through a box of chocolates – some will be delicious; others will be bittersweet, and a few won’t even taste like chocolate. It is vital that you take the feedback with a pinch of salt and analyse the information into categories with the goal of looking at how to make your next conference better.

Follow it up with a thankyou and a little something extra!

It’s simple courtesy, but one detail even the most seasoned event planners forget is sending a simple thank you message.

Bright Tip: Aside from sending out this email to your attendees and sponsors, you can also create an infographic with all the top tips or important ‘sound bites’ provided by the event speakers. Not only is this a great souvenir and something of value to your attendees, it’s also great for your brand and is content that can easily be shared on social media etc.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics.

Pulling out the right metrics and information after your event will determine whether a positive ROI has been achieved based on your goals. So what are the things you should be looking for?

  • Number of attendees on the day
  • Social reach – from Twitter mentions, Instagram #selfies and more!
  • Overall engagement of posts and growth of your brand’s social community before, during and after the event and marketing campaign.

Bright Tip: When measuring your ROI for your event remember to compare against your original goals. There is no point deciding the profit wasn’t good enough at the end if it wasn’t an original goal!

Post photos, videos on the social media.

We all love to tag ourselves in photos that show we were in some swanky corporate event or social gathering, right? Posting photos and videos a few days after the event is a sure-fire way of maximising your social reach and providing insight for people who couldn’t make it on the day.

Bright Tip: Do a quick skim-through of the images captured during the event and choose the top 20-30 photos to edit, then upload these on Facebook as an album – sell the event by selling the experience!


Bring the team around and compare notes. It’s the only way to really see the event from every angle. After a week of the event, set down a scheduled time where you can talk about what worked, what didn’t, the things you can do better next time to make the event of more value and engaging and other changes you’d like to make.

Bright Tip: Consider the constant changes happening in your industry and how this may affect the next series of events.

What are some other post-event tasks you can do in order to create a better experience for your attendees?