Is sponsoring an event effective for your brand?

Of course. Whether you’re a small or large business, sponsoring an event that is in line with your company’s goals can potentially give you a better ROI than spending capital on an advertising campaign. But before committing and signing on the dotted line, we’ve got some tips on why sponsoring an event is effective for your brand and overall marketing strategy. 

Connect with your target audience. The digital realm is overpopulated with content. From video to blogs and photography, it is often hard to compete with all the noise unless you have the budget. Nevertheless, events have a way of letting you cut through the noise and engage with your audience in a direct but authentic way. Bright Tip: Stand out from other sponsors by having a nice-to-have that isn’t an A5 flyer or direct marketing collateral. Be more creative! Think branded bookmarks or pens, product samples or provide them with opportunities to engage with your brand. 

Brand integrity. Businesses compete with other businesses for authority and power. In order to stand out from the rest and build a rapport, sponsor events that have credibility in all platforms (online and offline). Bright Tip: Do your research first! Look at the types of companies that have sponsored the event before and look at their current partnerships, speakers and supporters. Do they fit in line with what you’re doing as a company? How will sponsoring this event impact your reputation? 

Be a part of the experience. Events are all about creating an awesome experience for everyone involved – consumers find connection with brands that are human and relatable. Bright Tip: If you can’t attend the event, have a few representatives from your company come along as part of your sponsorship package! This is a great opportunity to network, learn and simply enjoy the experience.

Have you ever sponsored or thought about sponsoring an event? What are some of your experiences or key learnings when it comes to this? Leave your comments in the comment section below.