Setting attendee expectations

No matter how clear the marketing message for your event may be, it is important to remember that this message may not actually reach all delegates who will be attending the event.

There are a number of reasons why an attendee may not be clear on what your event is really about including:

  • Having been booked to attend by another team member or manager
  • Having been recommended to attend by a friend or colleague and simply replied on what they have been told
  • Having attended in the past and only just skimmed what this years event was about.

It is therefore important to seperate your marketing communications from your delegate communications and take the time to set the expectations of those who will actually be attending your event. The risk of attendees not having the right expectations may not only lead to upset delegates on the day, but also negative word of mouth about your event.

The easiest way to set attendee expectations is to communicate with them directly. In the week or two before the event consider an email that covers off both logistical details as well as content and format details.

Logistical details should include:

  • Date/time/location
  • Format of the day
  • Meals (what is included and what is not)

Content and format details should include:

  • The aim and objectives of the event
  • What the attendees should walk away with at the end of the day
  • A link to the program for the day
  • A link to who will be presenting on the day.

You may feel the above is all information that you have communicated over and over again. However, keep in mind that if someone already knows it all they will just skim your email. But for those do not, you may have a great impact on how they receive your event!