Is sponsoring an event effective for your brand?

Of course. Whether you’re a small or large business, sponsoring an event that is in line with your company’s goals can potentially give you a better ROI than spending capital on an advertising campaign. But before committing and signing on the dotted line, we’ve got some tips on why sponsoring an event is effective for your brand and overall marketing strategy. 

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The key advantages of taking an offsite meeting

Ah, meetings – it can be the bane of everyone’s existence. For starters, you usually need to have something prepared (whether you’re the one presenting or not), and secondly, who wants to leave the comfort of their desk – a safe haven where your hidden stash of delicious snacks is easily accessible.

All jokes aside, offsite meetings are becoming more and more common, with some key advantages that have the potential to generate some major wins for the team. But what are they?

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Finding a venue to complement your brand

Venue hunting can be tedious at the best of times. Balancing things like budgets, dates, room capacity, costs and catering can be overwhelming and you can quickly feel like you’re playing a complex game of Tetris. But before you get too deep into all of these nitty gritty details, it’s important to take a step back and consider one very important detail – your brand.

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The ABCDs of amplifying your event website

There’s too much noise. Whether it’s the ‘leaf blower guy’ creating a commotion outside your office as you try and write a blog, or the yearning cries your stomach makes whilst said blog post is being written – the only thing we have the power to control is how we react. In this case, I ignored the leaf blower guy and devoured my lunch. You’re welcome, stomach.

Similar to the running of commercial events, your customers have complete power as to whether or not your message moves them enough to take action. This is where your website becomes a powerful platform for conveying key information. But with numerous competitors on the rise, how are you going to ensure potential customers listen to you instead of the rest? 

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Top tips for creating an awesome event email

Don’t let Facebook fool you, email marketing is not dead, in fact it’s never been more e-live! As marketers, we often look through the data to inform us on how to create our next email. From open to click-through rates and conversions, all this is important, but when it comes to events we must stick to a strict deadline and look at the qualitative data too. This means our emails have to be even better when it comes to its intent, purpose and design. So what are some efficient and trendy ways to achieve this?

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Affordable and effective event branding ideas

Your speakers, attendees and VIPs are excitedly making their way to your conference; some wearing their best casual-formal attire, others fashioning a trendy button-up shirt and jeans with their second large cappuccino already in hand. But there’s one very important VIP that even your keynote speaker is dying to meet: your brand. 

How are you going to make sure your brand identity is presented in a professional and appealing way without blowing the budget?

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The ideal post-event game plan

Before (after) you pop numerous champagne bottles and celebrate another successful conference with the team, there are a few things you can do in order to stay on top of your game. As new events and competition emerge, it’s not just about what you do before or during the event that ensures its success – you need a kick-ass post-event game plan. But what does this involve? Continue reading

The little things that can make a big impact to your event

Planning a corporate event can sometimes feel like being a contestant on The Voice. Your attendees are the celebrity coaches and as the contestant, you want to impress them with your range, your tone and your singing. You get one chance to make them invest in you. 

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Timeless tips to shine at a networking event

Networking events are a great opportunity to drive you to the next phase of your career, find potential business partners or connect with a prospect client or employer. However, networking events are also an opportunity for awkwardness to ensue. We’re talking awkward silences, awkward chats about the weather and awkward handshakes.

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