The little things that can make a big impact to your event

Planning a corporate event can sometimes feel like being a contestant on The Voice. Your attendees are the celebrity coaches and as the contestant, you want to impress them with your range, your tone and your singing. You get one chance to make them invest in you. 

Similar to the running of a corporate event, you want your attendee to have an awesome experience, making them want to come back for your next conference. But what are some of the little things it takes in order to achieve this type of loyalty and create a lasting impression?

Have an awesome on-site team.

Whether it’s a combination of in-house employees and enthusiastic volunteers – you want to make sure you have helpful assistance during the event. Prepping your team beforehand and providing them with specific tasks – as outlined in the running order – will give them the confidence in answering questions and helping your attendees.

Bright Tip: Make your team dress the part by using company badges that say Event Organiser or Event Staff. You can also order company t-shirts, making it easier for your attendees to communicate with the right people.

An organised registration table will win you fans!

The first area your attendees will be acquainted with is the registration table. And believe it or not, there’s nothing more satisfying for both parties than seeing neatly placed name badges, goodie bags and delegate books. First impressions count. If you’re running a corporate event with 150-300 attendees, you can organise your name badges in alphabetical order from A-K in one table and L-Z in the other; you can also have a separate VIP table as this will help with the overall registration process.

Bright Tip: You’ll often get asked if there are available phone chargers to use. Impress your attendees by organising a power point and packing a few iPhone and Android chargers – not only will you create fans, you’ll also save digital lives!

The game plan is in the floor plan.

A copy of the floor plan in the delegates book helps your attendees access the necessary points of convenience including entry, exits, toilets, concierge and smoking areas. This mapped out plan with all the key routes will save your attendees the trouble of finding an event organiser and will make your life that little bit easier too! 

Make sure your social media game is strong.

Forget about having a strong #selfie game, you need to provide the necessary event hashtag in the delegates book, banners and other forms of visuals before or during the event to allow everyone to join in the conversation. This also provides attendees with real time information, presentation times in case they are coming in late and find out if other showcases are happening simultaneously.

Bright Tip: To make your social media game stronger, include the Twitter handles of your speakers in the delegates book or PowerPoint as a reference for your attendees: this let’s them follow and ask any questions they may have to your speakers!

Overall, it really is the small things that count. Not only do these details save you the hassle of answering the same questions, it also makes the overall attendee experience and event run smoothly.

Now for Bright tips on having a great voice for The Voice?  I think that’s something a little out of our repertoire!