The key advantages of taking an offsite meeting

Ah, meetings – it can be the bane of everyone’s existence. For starters, you usually need to have something prepared (whether you’re the one presenting or not), and secondly, who wants to leave the comfort of their desk – a safe haven where your hidden stash of delicious snacks is easily accessible.

All jokes aside, offsite meetings are becoming more and more common, with some key advantages that have the potential to generate some major wins for the team. But what are they?

Less distractions and hassles. 

The main goal for every meeting is productivity – you want to get the most out of each team member to make sure you’re all working towards the same goals and objectives. Taking the team outside of the office removes them from any distractions (i.e. the clutter of mess on their desk, the ping pong table in the lunch room etc.) and encourages engagement to happen. Bright Tip: Find a venue that has all the AV technologies you need to run the day as well as a location that is convenient for your workmates – no one wants to spend 20 minutes trying to find a park! 

The C word. Make that two C words.

Camaraderie and culture. Yep, we know they’re overused buzzwords that often decorate the ‘About Us’ page of every company website, but taking offsite meetings allows you to create a positive work culture and a sense of camaraderie that goes beyond sending each other motivating (and funny) memes via email or Skype. Bright Tip: It’s fact. People come together through food. There are numerous venues that have catering or self-catering options that won’t tip your budget and will elevate team unity. 

It lets the creativity happen. 

So you have the team all together – now what? During your meeting it’s important to discuss the ongoing projects, but it is also an opportunity for creative collaboration to happen… “What aren’t we doing that we should be doing?” Offsite meetings are great for this because each member is coming in with a fresh mind in a clean environment. It becomes a place where certain hierarchies get broken down and each idea becomes of value. Bright Tip: Creativity happens when you embrace transparency – it allows your cohort to feel comfortable to share their successes and challenges – this is where the real opportunities lie! 

Have you ever had an offsite meeting? What were some of the key advantages you found? Leave your stories on the comment section below.