Finding a venue to complement your brand

Venue hunting can be tedious at the best of times. Balancing things like budgets, dates, room capacity, costs and catering can be overwhelming and you can quickly feel like you’re playing a complex game of Tetris. But before you get too deep into all of these nitty gritty details, it’s important to take a step back and consider one very important detail – your brand.

Choosing a venue that suits your brand and complements your event is just as important as choosing a venue that fits into your budget. So before you start your venue hunt, consider creating a checklist of not only the tangible features you are looking for, but also the intangible, i.e. the ‘vibe and atmosphere’ you are ultimately looking for.

  • What is the reputation of the venue? Is it an upmarket corporate venue, or a cultural hub? Is it a venue that your target audience will know?
  • Where is the venue located? And what are its surroundings? It could be a fantastic venue located in the heart of your city’s most notorious district. Whilst this can often be dismissed and overlooked, it has the potential to completely shift your sponsors and attendees’ impression of your event.
  • What atmosphere does the venue offer? Does it match the vibe you want at your event? If you have a funky event designed for young adults, a function room in a traditional five star hotel might not be the right pick.
  • What is the foyer and breakout area like? Is it a comfortable space for your attendees to relax in between sessions? Does it facilitate social interaction? Breaks provide a valuable opportunity for your attendees, speakers and sponsors to interact and relax. This area should be a top priority when considering your next venue.

Bright Tip! Remember to think outside of the box – look beyond your usual venues and perhaps consider the restored warehouse on the funky side of town, or the performance centre that happens to have a stellar AV system.

Although it may seemingly add an extra set of criteria you need to think about, choosing the right atmosphere for your event, class or workshop can make all the difference to the final outcome and vibe of your event.