Effective ways to use social media at your next event

These days, a decent photo accompanied by a nice small caption just isn’t going to cut it. With social media becoming a staple in the modern world, your attendees are expecting to have all social channels running as smoothly as the coffee dispenser at your conference. With this in mind, how are you going to use social media as a powerful weapon for your next event?

Endorse your #hashtag more than Kanye West endorses himself.

It’s true. In order to have an effective marketing campaign for your event, promoting a simple hashtag is required to allow your attendees and the public to post, receive and interact with the given content. You can endorse this hashtag using your social channels, banners in the event as well as in the program outline. The more people who know, the more buzz and mentions this will create during the event! #YeezusPlease

Bright Tip: Be careful of going overboard with the hashtags – this can take away from the overall message and purpose of your event. 

Take command of your live feed as much as Beyonce takes command on stage.

Whether you’re hosting a small or large conference, it doesn’t matter – you have to be fierce and take control. From tweets to Instagram posts and Facebook mentions, you need to have a social media guru (or gurus) to professionally reply to these posts whilst keeping in line with your brand.

Bright Tip: Keep your page as active and as engaging as possible through multiple content media – we’re talking infographics, videos, photos and punchy posts!

Have engaging content that is as relatable as Katy Perry.

With a Twitter following of nearly 65 million, every event coordinator should be taking note of Katy Perry. Aside from her catchy empowering songs, Perry creates social content targeted for her audience – her fans. And as a digital marketer, you want to constantly seek fresh and relevant content that your audience can relate with.

Bright Tip: Remember, quality content interpreted in the language of your audience will result in a quantity of like-minded followers.

All and all, if you do the simple things correctly you’re well on your way to making social media a powerful weapon for your events. What are some other ways you see social media being used innovatively? Feel free to post your suggestions or questions in the section below.