COVID-19 Changes.
Bright HQ has made a number of changes to ensure your safety and comfort whilst working efficiently from our space. 

As a small venue we well positioned to offer you an alternative to working from home, as well as a space for teams to come together, regroup and plan the road to recovery. 

>> Exclusive use
As Bright HQ is a small venue, your group would be the only one here (beyond 1-2 of our staff members)
>> Additional cleaning. Every surface (and door knob) is constantly being wiped down with antibacterial wipes
>> Single use crockery. Cups/cutlery etc is all disposable
>> Keeping clean. There is a sink in the training room (along with hand wash) and we also have hand sanitiser available
>> Keeping fresh. As we are on the ground level, we can keep doors open for fresh air (vs just relying on air conditioning)
>> Capacity. Based on the State Government advice, as of July 3 Bright HQ Capacity will return to normal with a maximum of 30 people able to occupy the training room (complying with 1 person per 2 metres square).

Virtual Options.
We appreciate that in some circumstances face-to-face meetings are no longer practical. Our space can also be used as a venue for virtual meetings and in particular staging of workshops and discussions if you are keen to avoid the "I'm in my living room look".

You are welcome to bring your own equipment to bring your virtual meeting to life. We are also exploring further options to assist you in running such meetings and will update these options in the days to come.
Further Questions? 
If you have any further questions we're happy to answer them. Please do get in touch on or give us a call on 07 3666 0924.