The key advantages of taking an offsite meeting

Ah, meetings – it can be the bane of everyone’s existence. For starters, you usually need to have something prepared (whether you’re the one presenting or not), and secondly, who wants to leave the comfort of their desk – a safe haven where your hidden stash of delicious snacks is easily accessible.

All jokes aside, offsite meetings are becoming more and more common, with some key advantages that have the potential to generate some major wins for the team. But what are they?

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Finding a venue to complement your brand

Venue hunting can be tedious at the best of times. Balancing things like budgets, dates, room capacity, costs and catering can be overwhelming and you can quickly feel like you’re playing a complex game of Tetris. But before you get too deep into all of these nitty gritty details, it’s important to take a step back and consider one very important detail – your brand.

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Let’s talk room setup!

There are plenty of ways in which you can set up a room, generally depending on the activity you are planning on undertaking.

Here are some standard event setups and their ideal use:

Theatre – Just seats. No tables. Generally good for larger groups or places where space might be an issue. Also great for events where the audience is listening more than doing .

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