3 key ways to keep your event budget on track

Venue = Check. Catering = Paid for. Entertainment = Booked. Overall budget for the event = Hmm. I didn’t even know I had to do that!

Budgeting for any event may involve a lot of different intricacies, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. In fact, following a few simple steps can save you ample time and money whether you’re planning a small workshop or Kim Kardashian’s next wedding. Want to find out our three secrets? Read below.  

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Bums on seats or cash in bank?

Which one would you choose? Would you rather host a sold out conference or one which brings in lots of money? I bet most of you are saying ‘both – I would want people and money. They are directly proportional aren’t they – more people = more money’.

Whilst that is technically correct, you will produce a better conference if you prioritise whether you want more bums on seats or more money in the bank. The reason being that your ultimate aim will affect both the decisions and direction you set for your conference.

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Budgets: Start by identifying your costs 

All events are different, however, there are a number of consistent components such as venues, dates, speaker numbers etc that you know will impact your costs. The more you know about your prospective costs the more likely you are to save. Why? Quite simply you know what to expect, what costs you can bundle, how to search for the better deal and most importantly, you have enough time to shop around.

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