Affordable and effective event branding ideas

Your speakers, attendees and VIPs are excitedly making their way to your conference; some wearing their best casual-formal attire, others fashioning a trendy button-up shirt and jeans with their second large cappuccino already in hand. But there’s one very important VIP that even your keynote speaker is dying to meet: your brand. 

How are you going to make sure your brand identity is presented in a professional and appealing way without blowing the budget?

In-house flyers and posters

Gone are the days of spending half the advertising budget on outsourcing your marketing communications. If you don’t have nifty graphic design skills or have a committed love-hate relationship with Illustrator and InDesign, you can use simple online graphic design platforms such as Canva to create beautiful flyers and posters that complement your brand. Another reason this is ideal for event marketers is because you can save the files into your desired formats (jpg., png. etc) and use these designs on your social media platforms. Money saver = check. Time saver = double check!

Social media advertising

As digital marketers you now have more control over who sees your content. If you’re using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as your main platforms take advantage of their advertising tools that allow you to promote your posts to your target market. Although it does come at a price, if you use the right geo-location tags, define the interests of your market and have a clear message to promote, you can spend as little as $5.00 per campaign and achieve similar results and social reach of big brands. Positive ROI = check.

Conference bag and satchels

Most attendees’ love a goodie bag and the way your bag is presented to your attendees can leave a lasting impression on whether or not they will want to attend again. Bright tip: The colours, size and design aspects of your design will depend on the marketing material and goodies you’re providing and more importantly, your brand. If your company’s logo has red and grey tones, make sure you use the same red and grey tones into your bag design. It is also ideal to work with local producers to create your satchel bags as they can often give you a discount and decrease the stress of delivery times.

Speaker gifts

Oh yeah, the speakers want a present too! One of the best ways to say thank you is by providing each speaker with a small present. Now it doesn’t have to be the most expensive bottle of wine, inexpensive (but awesome) gifts like a box of chocolates or a movie voucher are a thoughtful way of communicating your appreciation. Bright Tip: Aside from bulk-buying these items for a cheaper price, wrap the presents in a nice gift-wrap and stamp your logo onto the paper once complete. Make sure the gift-wrap isn’t overly decorated so your brand logo stands out!

Do you have any other tips when it comes to making sure your brand is on point while on the budget? Leave them below.