5 ways to maximise your event sponsorship

Events and conferences provide sponsors with a great opportunity to directly interact with the audience in one shape or form. Aside from supporting the purpose and cause of the event, you are essentially investing in the opportunity to gain positive attention from that market.

However, signing on the dotted line does not guarantee this. Yes, the more you pay, the more you reach, but you need to take command of that audience in order to deliver a lucrative return on investment. Whether it’s a $500 or $50,000 sponsorship, here are 5 top tips to make the most out of your event sponsorship.

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Event Feedback and Evaluating Success

After your event, it is important to review how it went. You need to know what went well and what didn’t how you can improve in the future. A few easy ways to do this include:

1. Request and compile feedback
Giving delegates some simple questions can give you all the info you need to make sure your next event is event better than this one. Send out a short survey the day after your event using an online tool like SurveyMonkey, compile the results and take a look at what people thought.

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Let’s talk room setup!

There are plenty of ways in which you can set up a room, generally depending on the activity you are planning on undertaking.

Here are some standard event setups and their ideal use:

Theatre – Just seats. No tables. Generally good for larger groups or places where space might be an issue. Also great for events where the audience is listening more than doing .

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Preparing your speakers

The quality of your speakers and their presentations will largely affect your delegates’ satisfaction with your conference, seminar or workshop. Therefore ensuring that your speakers are well prepared and comfortable is a top priority.

Let us look at what you can do to prepare your speakers before the event itself:

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