Welcome to Bright HQ.

A beautiful and creative space to run your next small event.
A great event doesn’t just happen. It is created through experience, care and a pinch of inspiration! Whether you hold team days, run meetings, facilitate workshops or if you simply need a space to conjure productivity, Bright HQ is the perfect venue for you.
Our Event Space
Bright HQ has blended contemporary design with heritage features, in an inspiring and innovative space.

At Bright HQ, enjoy a venue that gets your creative juices flowing, breaks you out of your usual workspace routine and offers your team something a little bit 'different'.
Our Location
You will find Bright HQ in the leafy suburb of Teneriffe,  Brisbane.

Located in a renovated woolstore in, Bright HQ is just a stone’s throw away from the Brisbane River, public transport and numerous bars, cafes and restaurants.